Prefered links

I don't draw up an inventory of all water Rocket sites, but the table below give the sites that I considere more importante and why I think so.

On the topics : Water Rocket

Very good site in French and in English. And more, Hervé is a friend.
His WEB Site list is very complete. Thanks Clifford.
Another good list well structured. Thanks Randy

These three sites give the access to the main sites about this subject.

On the topics: Rockets not only Water powered

The club I create in 1967 with some friends. I owe it my new passion
The entity which manages all the scientists clubs in France
The French NASA
The American CNES :-). The link go on the educatives pages of the NASA.

Others Topics :

The multimedia company that my son Herve create with a friend.
The web site of my son Christophe
The company where my Daughter Florence is Webdesigner