Nostalgie : Pictures of the FACIL, my old rocket club

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From left to right : Jean Louis Feltes, Alain Juge, Patrice Gaillot and Bernard Lhomme around Iphigenie I, first rocket of the FACIL, in July 67.
Iphigénie II at the aviation show of Le Bourget in 70. It was lauched in 69 (see the picture in the background of the home page).

More ecological but less performante : Water Rockets.

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One of my first launches, with the help of my son Chistophe (on the picture). Even if we don't see the rocket any more, we see the thin trickle which draw the trajectory.

This first rocket was a simple bottle without fins, nor parachute. It gave me the opportunity of testing the nozzle and the launcher.

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Second rocket, a little more advanced, because it has a "nosecone". To make this "nosecone", I have pressurized the bottle, then I have heated the bottom of the bottle with a paint stripper. The difficulty is to have a good distribution of the heat.
My first recovery system. Difficult to do it more simple. It's works if there is not wind, otherwise the stability of the rocket is unpredictable. Of course, the performance of this rocket decreases.
Even this rocket is made with 2 bottles, it is only a 1,5 liter propeller. the seconde bottle is not under pressure and it is there just to absorb the come back on earth.
The same as previously, but without the "advertissing" and with a recovery system.

This rocket has made numérous flies, almost with success. One time I forget to remove the rubber band I use to maintain the airflap during the transport...

This rocket reached about 40 to 50 m.

Double 2 liter rocket. The bottles are drilled on the back (20 mm diameter) then glued with Sikaflex 11 FC (a king of PL Premium). A cylinder of PET ensure the continuity of the body, it is glued also with Sikaflex 11 FC (white strip on the picture). The fins are in PET. I use an "airflap" recovery system. For its first flight, the parachute had opened too early, probably the tension of the rubber band was too strong. Next flight soon...
Launch of a double 1,5 liter in september 2000. Wonderfull start, but violent landing, it is out of order. Altitude reach : about 100 m
Mini rocket made with 0,5 liter bottle. The fins are made with cardboard. It is small but competitive. It reach about 50m.
Same model as above, but the fins are in PET.