First of all, I'm a beginner in water-rocket, but also in English (since 30 years, but I have still hope). So please, excuse my mistakes and give me a feedback.

I begin this new activity after visiting the Rocket club CLES-FACIL I founded in 1967 with some friends. This club is mainly oriented on pyrotechnic rockets, but it has also a water rocket activity and I find that interesting.

First I study alone some solutions, then I discover that my boss Hervé BREGENT, and many other people are as mad as me to want to propel some grammes of plastic by ejecting water through a neck.

I rushed up to my prefered browser and I discover a considerable number of hobbyist sites, each of them more professionnal than the others.

The view of these sites constrain to the humility, therefore I am quite proud of some original solutions I find, and the goal of this site is to share these solutions with everybody.

In the course of my experiments and of the informations found in the web sites or in the mail list, the technologies I use change and the contents of this site also. Don't hesitate to visit this site periodically.

Similarly, don't hesitate to send me your remarks, impressions, suggestions and all your thinking about this site (including mistakes of translation). Thank's by advance.

On october 2000, I made some enhancement on the French part. Be patient, I am translating these improvments.